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Dissolution of the Stichting
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Information on 3rd Distribution
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11 November 2011, Important information on distribution
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12 September 2011, Update Distribution Process
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Shell Settlement amounts expected to be distributed NOT before November 2011
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Press release Amsterdam Court of appeals declares shell settlement binding
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Welcome to the official website of the Shell Reserves Compensation Foundation.

On April 11th 2007 Royal Dutch Shell plc announced the proposed settlement of Reserve-Related Claims with European and other Non-U.S. Investors related to the 2004 restatement of reserves. On May 29th 2009 the Amsterdam Court of Appeals has declared the Non-U.S. Settlement Agreement concerning the recategorisation by Shell of certain of its oil and gas reserves binding. In the next phase, formal notice will be given of the Court's decision and the binding Settlement Agreement to inform all eligible shareholders of their rights and obligations under the Settlement Agreement.

Ultimately early November 2009, Notice letters will be sent to all persons that could be eligible shareholders and are known to the parties to the Settlement Agreement.

Publication of the Notice will also be made ultimately early November 2009 in various international (financial) newspapers, on this website and on the Claims Administrator's website www.royaldutchshellsettlement.com.

The Notices will provide information on how to file a claim for relief under the Settlement Agreement and how you can "opt out" if you do not wish to be bound by the Settlement Agreement. Please note that the Notice will also provide information on the period for filing a claim, as well as the "opt out"-period, which periods will start to run upon notification.

For further information and developments regarding the claims process, please visit the Claims Administrator's website at www.royaldutchshellsettlement.com.

The parties to the settlement agreement include the Vereniging van Effectenbezitters (VEB), the Dutch shareholders association representing individual shareholders in The Netherlands and similar organizations, and the Stichting Shell Reserves Compensation Foundation ("The Foundation").

The Foundation is a legal entity representing all shareholders covered by the settlement agreement. The Foundation's participants, that are all fully supporting the settlement agreement, include 149 institutional investors (including APG, PGGM, DEKA, Norges, UBS and Morley, amongst others) as well as Euroshareholders, the organisation of European shareholders associations, and 18 other organizations representing individual shareholders from France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands and a number of other countries.

This website is designed to provide both institutional investors and private shareholders with information related to the Settlement.

Schedule with key information about the three Shell-settlements.
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