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Dissolution of the Stichting
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Information on 3rd Distribution
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11 November 2011, Important information on distribution
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12 September 2011, Update Distribution Process
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Shell Settlement amounts expected to be distributed NOT before November 2011
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Press release Amsterdam Court of appeals declares shell settlement binding
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The Foundation

The Shell Reserves Compensation Foundation is governed by an independent Board. The members are:

  • Professor M.J.G.C. (Theo) Raaijmakers (Chairman).
    Former Legal Advisor to Royal Philips and Executive Vice President of Philips International. At present professor of corporate law at Tilburg University.
  • Professor M.J. (Maarten) Kroeze (Secretary).
    Professor of corporate law at Erasmus University Rotterdam and a board member of the Dutch Association of Corporate Litigation and chief editor of the legal journal Ondernemingsrecht.
  • Drs. G. (Gilles) Izeboud, RA (Treasurer).
    Former partner of a large, international accounting firm, supervisory director of various internationally operating Dutch companies and substitute member of the Ondernemingskamer (Enterprise Chamber) of the Amsterdam Court of Appeals.